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Von Jungs, die Mädchen zum Weinen bringen ! …

Von Jungs, die Mädchen zum Weinen bringen ! …

Ja, wie ich sie hasse: diese Jungen, die Mädchen zum Weinen bringen! … – Es fängt im Kindergarten schon an, wenn so ein Großer einem 3- oder 4-jährigen Mädchen einfach so etwas abnimmt und dann felsenfest behauptet, es gehöre ihm. … weiterlesen

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  1. Cee Cee

    Hi JoJo,

    Okay, once upon a time I was a pretty young girl too! And yes, I too had guys in my life who were bullies. And like many naive young girls, I didn’t really know how to just say no, walk away, and hold my head up high. One time, a stranger even offered to help me! I was embarrassed, but I shouldn’t have been. I have always remembered his kindness! But I think that perhaps there are some magic, empowering words out there anyone could say to the girl: You are young, you are strong, you don’t need such a bully in your life! You must „shut the door“ on people like that, walk away and wish them well. Do not regret the loss – it is worth it! If they „cross your line“ then you KNOW! And you will never be able to change them. You are worth more than that! Jo Jo, that is the philosophy of life! Power to my sisters! And to the kind ones, like you, in their lives!

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